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Music Lectual is your source for new, uplifting music. When you find yourself needing inspiration, if you are feeling down, or if you are simply looking for good music, allow us to provide it for you. At Music Lectual, we provide you with a wide selection of new music that you might not be familiar with – but will surely end up loving!

Familiarity starts with something new. Before you know it, that novel thing you were nervous about becomes part of your life. Music Lectual is your source for new music – familiarize it and it becomes your life. Be captured by new tunes by a new artist!

If you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to continue browsing through our website. Please visit our Albums and New Releases page for the music that we have to offer. For inquiries, reach us by calling 508-733-5951.

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Soundtrack of Life

Music has been such a big, personal part of my life as I was growing up. I sang with my father and family, sang at church choir, and while I set it aside for an academic career, music was never completely gone from my life. Now that I’m older and am more stable, I am now happy to say that I can share my passion and music with those who want to hear it. [ Learn More » ]

Music Lectual

New releases, new music – explore a new sound from Music Lectual. Enjoy online purchasing options for your favorite music and artists. [ Click Here » ]

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